✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             27-10-5-22-5 1-22-5 31-17-25 24-17-4-4 24-17-4-4 20-14-5-1-23-5 3-17-15-5 2-1-3-13 24-10-1-16-13 31-17-25             ✦             110% MORE FUN THAN A REGAL CINEMA!             ✦             THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NUTS**             ✦             PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN             ✦             YOUR DATA IS OUR BUSINESS!             ✦             CONNECTION TO PSUITE FAILED; RETRYING...             ✦             YOUR FUN IS OUR FUTURE!             ✦             **THIS PRODUCT MAY ALSO CONTAIN BOLTS            

the Lux Knights aptitude test

To which Commandery of the LUX Knights shall YOU be sorted?

On a clear day you chance upon a Patron who is trapped in a Regal Cinema. Judging from the look on their face, they are not having FUN. What do you do?

  1. Draw your sword and mercifully end their life with a single thrust.
  2. Use herbs from your pack to induce chemical FUN.
  3. Lament that they were caught in this horrible circumstance and place signs to alert future Patrons of danger.
  4. Refuse to interfere in the natural evolution of events, but rather take the opportunity to learn more about the nature of FUN.
  5. All of the above.

One summer afternoon your father gives you a choice of chores. Which do you pick?

  1. Work in the forge with him casting iron for a new kind of spoiler tag.
  2. Gather herbs for your mother who is seasoning popcorn.
  3. Earn some pocket money assisting the town crier.
  4. Go phishing down by the data stream.
  5. All of the above.

Your cousin has given you a very embarrassing nickname and, even worse, it spoils a movie that just came out. You have asked them to stop, but they find it very amusing to watch you blush. What do you do?

  1. Beat up your cousin, then tell them that if they ever spoil a movie again, you will bloody them worse next time.
  2. Appreciate that nicknames are FUN, and begin assigning everyone you know a nickname.
  3. Make up a story that that makes your nickname a badge of honor, distracts from its spoiling nature, and spreads the virtues of LUX.
  4. Ask them why they chose this nickname. Offer competing nicknames, and track whether they consider these nicknames more or less FUN. Collate this data for future use.
  5. All of the above.

There is a lot of heated discussion at the local tavern over a technology called FUN Scanners. It has been used by certain Kings. Rumor has it these FUN Scanners read a person's biometric data and tell a King whether a follower is having FUN or not. Is this acceptable?

  1. This is a dangerous practice. This may reveal spoilers to the unwitting King, which cannot be condoned.
  2. Loyal followers to the King have nothing to fear from FUN Scanners. It is important to be able to establish a person's FUN Levels before attempting to modulate them.
  3. It is more than acceptable; the practice should be spread! Everyone should use FUN Scanners, all the time, so that they can learn more about FUN and be introduced to more FUN things!
  4. In these times, it is a necessary evil. Although you do not like the idea of circumventing traditional practices, these FUN Scanners can gather a Patron's data far more truthfully than simple survey answers.
  5. All of the above.

Your King sends you on a task which you loathe, patrolling the borders of a Regal Cinema. On the way there, sword in hand, you run into your friend from the homestead near your own. He offers to do it for you, in return for a future favor of his choosing. What do you do?

  1. Accept his offer, reasoning that as long as Spoilers are guarded against, it matters not who does the guarding.
  2. Ask him to help you, knowing that two Knights can do the job better than one, and will increase the amount of FUN had by both you, your friend, and Potential Patrons.
  3. Decline the offer, and explain that you have been given this task, and that they will surely soon be given a task of their own. The Virtues of the LUX Knights may be spread faster if you split up.
  4. Decline the offer because accepting would make the King's records less accurate, and inaccurate record keeping leads to flawed data.
  5. All of the above.

You are now ready to determine which Commandery you have placed in! The method to this is exceedingly simple, as each number corresponds with a Commandery!
1 = Commandery of Spoiler Slayers
2 = Commandery in Support of FUN
3 = Commandery of Heraldry and Heralding
4 = Commandery of Data Requisition
5 = Commandery of Simultaneity

For each of your answers, allot 1 point to the appropriate Commandery. After calculating the total of your answers, the Commandery that received the highest number of points signifies your placement! If there is no clear majority, then you have been placed in the Commandery of Entertainment Auxiliary! Upon reaching the rank of Knight Lieutenant, alert the proper LUX Employee™ of your placement to receive your official Commendation of Chivalric Aptitude!