✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             27-10-5-22-5 1-22-5 31-17-25 24-17-4-4 24-17-4-4 20-14-5-1-23-5 3-17-15-5 2-1-3-13 24-10-1-16-13 31-17-25             ✦             110% MORE FUN THAN A REGAL CINEMA!             ✦             THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NUTS**             ✦             PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN             ✦             YOUR DATA IS OUR BUSINESS!             ✦             CONNECTION TO PSUITE FAILED; RETRYING...             ✦             YOUR FUN IS OUR FUTURE!             ✦             **THIS PRODUCT MAY ALSO CONTAIN BOLTS            

frequently asked questions

What is LUX?

Luxury Universal [e]Xperience is an industry leader in leading the industry, a Titan of Entertainment, and the only company that can guarantee an [e]Xperience that is 110% More FUN than a Regal Cinema. For decades LUX has been on the forefront of entertainment technology, bringing its flagship product, the Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience, to appreciative Patrons around the globe!

Where can I enjoy LUX content?

You have already taken the first step to enjoying LUX content by coming to the LUX Website! From here you can find information on upcoming events, get exclusive offers, and be the first to learn about new and wonderful LUX products!

Where does LUX operate?

LUX is currently headquartered in North Dakota [REDACTED], USA, and is proud to bring FUN to wherever it is needed most. As a truly international company, LUX also has offices around the world in places like Hong Kong, Sarajevo, Boca Raton, and New York City, and is publicly traded on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Stock Exchange! Nowhere is outside the reach of LUX!

How can LUX guarantee 110% More FUN?

While the details of LUX's FUN Level System and its incorporation into the UVX System are now and will remain a closely-guarded trade secret, LUX can assure all Patrons and Potential Patrons that LUX's methods of FUN Measurement and Analysis are rigorously tested and scientifically ensured to create and [e]Xperience 110% More FUN than a Regal Cinema. In addition, these methods are backed by LUX's 110% More Safety Promise, an internationally-recognized seal of quality and safety that LUX has never been proven in a court of law to have broken!

My company is interested in a partnership or sponsorship with LUX! How can I make this dream a reality?

LUX is always on the lookout for new LUX Affiliates to join the LUX Family of Corporate Partners! To ensure that LUX Affiliates meet the strict standards of quality exemplified by FoamCo Global, Sweet Emulsion, and Dino's Pizzeria and Bouncy Castle Emporium, LUX must engage in a thorough investigation of your company's financials, history, and public standing. To begin this process, please electronic mail corporate@luxuryuniversalexperience.com with your request to join the LUX Affiliates, along with a summation of your company goals in partnering with LUX, your customer engagement and retention numbers, and a willingness to SUBMIT TO LUX.