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LUX Affiliates

Dino's Pizzeria and Bouncy Castle Emporium

In 1993 LUX reached out to companies large and small to become LUX Affiliates, aiming to take Cinema in bold new directions. One of the earliest LUX Affiliates was Dino's Pizzeria and Bouncy Castle Emporium, a purveyor of quality sauced flatbread as well as Fond Childhood Memories. Seeing an opportunity to utilize the marketability of Fond Childhood Memories, LUX and DPBCE teamed up to introduce UVX Jr. to the market, taking advantage of LUX's UVX Technology and Dino's brand strength among the target demographic. Though UVX Jr. was a rousing success, the project was shuttered after just 2 months due to an unrelated rash of Senate hearings.

FoamCo Global

A latecomer to the LUX Affiliate program, FoamCo Global is nonetheless an important and beloved part of the LUX Family. FoamCo Global has risen to the challenge of providing high-quality, durable foam material to match all of LUX's foam needs, as well as providing Liquidation and Legal services. Headquartered in Hong Kong, FoamCo Global remains a significant international partner of Luxury Universal [e]Xperience.

Sweet Emulsion Inc.

LUX's official liquid comestible partner, Sweet Emulsion Inc. is a provider of high-quality carbonated beverages and supplier of industrial solvents. Their cross-disciplinary business strategy and inventive re-purposing of materials makes them an ideal LUX Affiliate; LUX is always looking for out-of-the-box methodologies and daring deviations from industry norms. As such, Sweet Emulsion Inc. has been contracted to serve as the primary supplier of both the LUX Mandatory Beverage and LUX FUN Liquid.