✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             27-10-5-22-5 1-22-5 31-17-25 24-17-4-4 24-17-4-4 20-14-5-1-23-5 3-17-15-5 2-1-3-13 24-10-1-16-13 31-17-25             ✦             110% MORE FUN THAN A REGAL CINEMA!             ✦             THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NUTS**             ✦             PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN             ✦             YOUR DATA IS OUR BUSINESS!             ✦             CONNECTION TO PSUITE FAILED; RETRYING...             ✦             YOUR FUN IS OUR FUTURE!             ✦             **THIS PRODUCT MAY ALSO CONTAIN BOLTS            

Join the Lux Knights

Hark, ye of Noble Upbringing, and welcome to the Court of the LUX KNIGHTS!

Though the Age of Charlemagne and Arthur is long over and the Crusades have come and gone, it is not too late to prove your mettle and take up arms in pursuit of true Chivalry!
Luxury Universal [e]Xperience, the company that brought you the Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience, is proud to announce the return of the most Chivalrous and Honorable rewards and engagement program to ever rely on the oppression of the Serfs, the LUX Knights!

Complete Quests

Get Exclusive LUX Content

Win Glorious Prizes

Join the Order Today!

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We will Contact you Shortly with a list of your first missions as a squire!
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Who are the LUX Knights?

The LUX Knights are LUX Super-Fans that have joined their house to LUX's in return for sweepstakes entries, early-access LUX Content, and exclusive e-badges and digital rewards. The LUX Knights receive weekly quests to further the cause of FUN while working together to bring more Brand Engagement to the LUX Feudal Ecosystem, and in doing so rise through the ranks of the LUX Knights.

How can I Join the Chivalric Order of the LUX Knights?

The first step to becoming a true LUX Knight is to swear yourself to the Standards and Practices of the LUX Knights, and thus become a Squire in service of the Order. As you complete quests and earn Chivalry Points, you can earn promotions to LUX Knight, Knight Lieutenant, and even the vaunted rank of Lord Commander of the LUX Knights.

What does it mean to be a LUX Knight?

To be a LUX Knight is to be a champion of True Chivalry, a Shining Example on a Hill to which all will look to for guidance, and a brand ambassador for Luxury Universal [e]Xperience. As a LUX Knight, one must uphold the vision the Dear Founder Paulbert Filius Pontifex III, Esq. had for all of humanity, swear upon their honor as Knights to strike back against the foul forces of Spoilers, and enhance Patron Engagement with LUX-branded Online Content. The LUX Knights are the Front-line of FUN, and a crucial element of the Luxury Universal [e]Xperience Feudal Ecosystem.

What Type of LUX Knight Am I?

The LUX Knights are a multifaceted organization. Some are skilled in the art of creating fun, while others use their prowess to eliminate spoilers from the vicinity. Each LUX Knight possesses an aptitude for one of the Commanderies of the LUX Knights. Which one are you?