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PShell Manual

PontiSuite PShell User Guide

For those power-users who want to make the absolute most from PSuite, the PShell Utility is essential. Using a convenient text-based interface, PShell allows the user to access backend settings and functionality unavailable to the standard user. With PShell, you can truly make PSuite your own. With the help of this user guide, a world of productivity is at your fingertips. Let's have some FUN!

To ensure user understanding of basic PShell functions no matter where in the utility you are, PShell is programmed to highlight potential commands, usable functions, and interactive elements using brackets.

For example:

Adventure Mode
Some functions, and even entire PSuite Local Servers, can be written to function in 'Adventure Mode'. This mode is built to make even the most complex tasks approachable by the common user. The above bracket rule remains the same: anything in brackets is either an enterable command or something that the user can interact with.Each of these are commands within PShell, and in order to operate them, one must simply enter the text that is surrounded by brackets in the command field. So, in order to toggle PCal BOSS Integration, the user must only enter "PCal" into the command field and hit enter. By noting any text presented in brackets, it is easy to know what you can do on any given screen.


For your convenience, here is a brief dictionary of PShell Terminology:

Chest – A container for a set of files, program settings, or other collection of data. Some less advanced software might call these ‘folders’. In addition to the Chests one may browse through, every instance of a Captain (or User, in common parlance) also possesses a personal Chest, which may be used as a temporary container for operations or data the Captain wishes to move, copy, or utilize. To view the current contents of your Chest, simply enter the command "Chest".

North, South, East, West – While competing data navigation software seems to think nested file paths are optimal, LUX disagrees. Instead, LUX uses the Treasure Map Data System to make exploring your documents intuitive and easy. To that end, the commands to move from chest to chest utilize the names of the cardinal directions.

Captain - Why, you of course! As stated repeatedly and enthusiastically by our Founder, Paulbert Filius Pontifex III, Esq. "The Internet is like a vast sea, the computer is the ship which sails this sea, and you, the user, are the Captain of your ship."

A1 The Spreadsheet Cell - Paulbert also says that "Every Captain needs a hearty and helpful First Mate, and A1 the Spreadsheet Cell shall fill that position!" He is the robust helper utility built right into all PSuite functions, and PShell is no exception. He will provide you with useful data, helpful tips, and can assist you in any number of ways!

Networking with other Servers and Storage

In order to connect PShell to outside programs and services, one must access the Communications Chest and establish a connection with one of the provided applications. Depending on your ship's rating, different operations may be available.

Basic Orders

Here are a few universal orders that will help you get started with Pshell! Why not try them out!



Improperly configured language settings
While PShell is the world's most intuitive and functional Productivity Suite Utility Program, often Captain Error can cause certain malfunctions in the software. An improperly built server, for example, may cause conflict with your default Captain's settings. Most commonly, improper language settings enabled by server hosts may cause problems with certain functions. For English-speaking Captains, these improper settings can be manually overridden using the "engtran" order.

Improperly configured Adventure Mode Settings
Occasionally, a server host will enable Adventure Mode without properly configuring the default server settings. This can lead to Pshell attempting to read Adventure Mode data without running the Adventure Mode Explorer. If you come across a chest showing only a series of ones and zeros, this is likely the problem. Contact your server host and inform them of the issue so that it can be immediately rectified; in the meantime, the "advmode" order will manually enable PShell's Adventure Mode Explorer.