✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             WELCOME TO LUXURY UNIVERSAL [E]XPERIENCE             ✦             27-10-5-22-5 1-22-5 31-17-25 24-17-4-4 24-17-4-4 20-14-5-1-23-5 3-17-15-5 2-1-3-13 24-10-1-16-13 31-17-25             ✦             110% MORE FUN THAN A REGAL CINEMA!             ✦             THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NUTS**             ✦             PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN PLEASE REPLY WHEN             ✦             YOUR DATA IS OUR BUSINESS!             ✦             CONNECTION TO PSUITE FAILED; RETRYING...             ✦             YOUR FUN IS OUR FUTURE!             ✦             **THIS PRODUCT MAY ALSO CONTAIN BOLTS            


What is the Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience?

Simply better than every other film technology on the market, the Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience (or UVX) is your future and the best night of your life. Featuring 110% more FUN™ in every way imaginable, the Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience fundamentally changes your understanding of reality and improves your life. From targeted enjoyment-induction to unadulterated FUN, the UVX pulls out all the stops. The FUN is always being monitored, so there is no risk of leaving unsatisfied!

What makes the UVX special?

Unlike other movie theaters that have adopted cheap technological gimmicks, such as:

  • Three-Dimensional Stereoscopic Imaging
  • Triple-Synchronized Anamorphic Widescreen Cinerama™
  • The Dolby™ Surround Sound System
  • Technicolor™ Three-Color Printing Process
  • Increasing Cinematic Flicker-Fusion to a 60Hz baseline.

LUX knows that that’s never going to be enough for the true movie-goer. No, we’re seeking the ultimate movie thrill that only LUX can bring. LUX provides everything you could ever want in a movie screening:

  • Luxury
  • FUN
  • The Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience™

What should I expect from the UVX?

From Seats to Bathrooms, the UVX has it all! Featuring only the finest designer brand LUX products, the UVX is the only way to see movies in the lap of luxury. And it’s completely free from contamination and other spoilers!

Remember, while all LUX screening experiences are The Ultimate Viewing [e]Xperience, every screening is completely different, with each one being better than the last. Additionally, LUX FUN Enforcers patrol the aisles and are ready to help ensure that audience FUN levels remain sufficiently high. All this without ever leaving the UVX!

Fully compliant with all federal regulations and internal code, the UVX is the only way to see a LUX movie.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to go again and again to the UVX!

Past Screenings

While LUX is based out of North America, we have mainly operated Overseas as a way to truly be a 21st century global company.

Most recently, we finished the 25th annual LUX festival circuit in Malta, Liechtenstein, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Andorra, As with all LUX screenings, Holme: A Tragedy in Six Acts (2017), has now been integrated into the LUX vault, where it is kept free from spoilers and other contamination.

With the wide range of films in the LUX vault, ranging from classics such as Our Last Day In the Bahamas (1985) and Shepherds, Sheep, and Spies (1994) to lesser known art films such as Est (1964) LUX has something for everyone.

Recently, LUX acquired the only extant copy of Svæðið er á Eldinn og Það er Sárt (1804*) from a private family collection in Iceland. With this discovery, Svæðið er á Eldinn og Það er Sárt becomes the first film to feature actual consecutive action, nearly 74 years before The Roundhay Garden in 1878. LUX claims all rights to this discovery and Svæðið er á Eldinn og Það er Sárt has successfully been integrated into the LUX vault.

Upcoming Screenings

LUX is proud to always be delivering new and increasingly FUN experience to our Patrons around the globe, and we are proud to announce that LUX has recently acquired the rights to The Most Dangerous Man, a film by renowned director Ronnie Champaign. For LUX, acquiring a new film is like bringing home a new puppy; we're adding a new member to the LUX family. And like a puppy, the film must be gotten up-to-date on its shots before being re-homed. While undergoing this process, The Most Dangerous Man will remain in a spoiler-free clean room environment so that it may be optimally enjoyed in the future in UVX Format.

For more information on The Most Dangerous Man, visit the official website at https://www.mostdangerousmanmovie.com/

Wow! Where can I get tickets to the UVX?

LUX is always hosting new UVXs around the world, along with hosting and attending a wide variety of festivals, corporate workshops, and public events. However, due to recent Low FUN incidents, LUX is currently only accepting ticket purchases from Qualified Patrons. To see if you have what it takes to be a LUX Patron, please fill out the below questionnaire and send it via electronic mail to pleasereplythankyou@luxuryuniversalexperience.com. Your application will be reviewed by LUX FUN Assurance Technicians and, should you be considered a human set apart from the undeserving masses, you will be contacted and graced with the title of Qualified Patron, with all the benefits that follow.

Question 1: Are you now or have you ever been employed at a Law Enforcement Agency?

Question 2: Do you prefer Movies or Television?

Question 3: Do you have any allergies to nuts, dairy products, or subcutaneous implants?

Question 4: What is your annual tax-adjusted take-home income?

Question 5: What is your understanding of True Chivalry?

Question 6: A train starting from a railway station in Chicago and moving with uniform acceleration attains a speed of 40 miles per hour in 10 minutes. At the same time, a Cable Car in San Francisco is moving 10 miles per hour but has found itself stuck in traffic. Solve for X.

Question 7: On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

Question 8: What is the nature of FUN? Please submit your answer in iambic pentameter.